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Here are just a few examples lately: 

  •        I don't usually write companies after I receive my order, but I purchased one of your wraps for each member of the family and the kids are so excited about getting to sleep with warm toes tonight that they've elected to go to bed early! The order arrived with astonishing speed and my husband's happily icing his back now while I soothe my neck with a little warmth. Thank you for your wonderful product! I'll be ordering more soon to give as gifts! Devin I have had 4 major back surgeries and endured over 10 years of daily back pain. After using your wrap to supplement my current pain management plan, I had my first day pain free! Thank you so much! Patsy, TN

  •        Hello! I'm not sure if you will remember us- my partner and I saw you at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show in Indy this past December. She is the personal trainer that kept coming back and getting the back and torso wrap warmed up... Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I don't think it has been separated from her body since then lol- she absolutely loves it!!! So I think I'll be in the market to buy another back and torso and possibly the full body one as well. Thanks again hope to see you next year. Holly and Christine, IN

  •        I have arthritis in my knees and sometimes when they are bothering me, I will heat up the shoulder wrap and lay it across both of my knees. It really does help sooth and ease the pain. I L-O-V-E my wrap and would recommend to anyone. Sometimes when I am cold, I will heat it up and just put it around my shoulders for the comfort and warmth. I have used it so many ways...it is wonderful! :-} Anna, GA

  •        I would like to say THANK YOU for the free mint wrap. It smells DIVINE!!!!! I have Multiple Sclerosis and my fatigue is tremendous.... this wrap will help me take a calming catnap in the afternoon!!!! Lisa

  •        Just wanted to say thanks for the great shoulder wrap with collar. Bought one at the Craft Fair during our visit to Opryland. Gave it to my husband as an early Christmas present...he loves it! I think he microwaves it at least 3 times every evening and rarely sits down to relax without it! Best gift I ever gave him!!! Marla, TN

  •        Before I found your site, I'd purchased several microwaveable wraps from various stores (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, etc). NONE of them performed as well as your product and they cost as much or more. None of them held heat for a reasonable amount of time. Lynn, Alabama

  •        My 10 year old daughter had been having headaches and at bedtime last night had another one. I used the large shoulder wrap (with collar) which had been in the freezer as a head wrap. As soon as I applied it, she said ‘Ahh, that feels so good’ and went right to sleep! Wonderful!! Lorin, MI

  •        I LOVE YOUR WRAPS@!!!!!! Mine was a true life saver after my hysterectomy and I’ve asked a polka dot body wrap for Christmas. Kim, Tennessee

  •        I bought 2 of your wraps. I love them and use them every day. I have one at work and one at home. Priscila, Michigan

  •        I am going thru the injections right now for my back and my new wrap is my best friend. Sandy, Illinois

  •        Love your wraps!! I have ordered from you before for my mom and then in return my mom ordered me one. It was great! Bethany, Georgia

  •        I have degenerative discs in my lower back and when I used to work in an office, I would heat it up and wrap it around my chair for relief all day! These past couple years I developed neck/shoulder pain due to stress. I heat up the neck relax wrap, wrap it around my neck and feel SOOO much better. Natalie, Florida

  •        I've given these as gifts and folks love them! I swear by my eye pillow at night! Susan, New York

  •        I own one of your shoulder wraps and absolutely love it! As a matter of fact, I plan to order the one for your back, but I found that you can use the shoulder wrap on your lower back while sitting or laying down. Because I sit at a computer all day, I have my shoulder wrap at work, and my co-workers are always borrowing it!! One of them actually took the website address off your label and ordered herself one. These are the best!! Suzanne, Arkansas

  •        I have neck wrap I purchased a couple of years ago and I love it. I am ordering a back wrap for my mother in law for Christmas. Carol, Alabama

  •        I am SO grateful that your wraps can also be unscented! It is impossible to find them without aromatherapy now and yours are just what I wanted. Thank You!! Deidra, NYC

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A Relax Wrap Offers 3 Therapies

    1. Weight Therapy. It's like a hug when you could use one.

    2. Hot & Cold Therapy. All Relax Wraps can be used both ways. 

    3. Aromatherapy. This can be added to any Relax Wrap.