Which Herbal Blend Is Right For You?

Or Would Unscented Be Best?

All of our herbal blends are powerful, yet subtle. We use all natural ingredients, nothing synthetic to cause a headache. Too much aromatherapy can overwhelm the senses, we make sure not to cause one of the very things we try to help! Each Relax Wraps blend is soothing and effective, not overpowering.

Classic 10-Herb Blend

Ideal help for injuries, swelling, spasms, muscle tightness, chronic pain, stomach discomfort, menstrual cramps and stress.

Contents: Chamomile, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Meadowsweet, Peppermint, St John's Wart, Rosemary, Thyme, White Willow, and 100% Flax Fill

Just Lavender

For those who love aromatherapy, but might have allergies to any of the herbs in the Classic Herbal Blend. Ideal for anxiety, worry or fear. Helps with insomnia and stress. An amazing choice when choosing gifts, if you know the recipients like aromatherapy, but are not sure of allergies to any herbs in the Classic Blend.

Contents: Lavender, 100% Flax Fill

Eucalyptus Mint

For those who want an invigorating, refreshing blend. It awakens the senses and is ideal for relieving sinus pressure and fatigue.

Contents: Mint, Eucalyptus, 100% Flax Fill


This is an option for anyone who is aroma-sensitive or for migraine sufferers. This also allows you to scent the wrap with whatever smell stimulates those happy chemicals in your brain, such as a perfume, the smell of a puppy, essential oil or simply your home.

Contents: 100% Flax Only ‚Äč