A Relax Wrap Offers 3 Therapies

    1. Weight Therapy. It's like a hug when you could use one.

    2. Hot & Cold Therapy. All Relax Wraps can be used both ways. 

    3. Aromatherapy. This can be added to any Relax Wrap.





You Can Add Aromatherapy To Any Relax Wrap!

How Does Aromatherapy Help?

It tells the brain to relax. Aromatherapy activates the part of the brain that is linked to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance.

It is a complementary therapy. It is not required to receive the other benefits a Relax Wrap offers. Even without aromatherapy, hot & cold therapy and weight therapy are still the primary helpers.

Should I Choose Unscented Instead?

Yes, if you have migraines, are smell-sensitive, or simply prefer unscented! 

Relax Wraps Aromatherapy Options

All of our herbal blends are powerful, yet subtle. We use all natural ingredients, nothing synthetic to cause a headache. Too much aromatherapy can overwhelm the senses. We make sure not to cause one of the very things we try to help! Each Relax Wraps blend is soothing and effective, but not overpowering.

Classic Blend
We've worked for over 10 years to get this one just right! This is our most popular choice. All of the herbs are the dried, actual herbs, not essential oils or synthetics. Contents: Lavender, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Thyme, and 100% Flax Fill

Just Lavender
For those who love aromatherapy, but might have allergies to any of the herbs in the Classic Herbal Blend. Ideal for anxiety, worry or fear. Helps with insomnia and stress. An amazing choice when choosing gifts, if you know the recipients like aromatherapy, but are not sure of allergies to any herbs in the Classic Blend.
Contents: Natural Lavender Buds and 100% Flax Fill

Eucalyptus Mint
For those who want an invigorating, refreshing blend. It awakens the senses and is ideal for relieving sinus pressure and fatigue.
Contents: Natural Mint & Eucalyptus Leaves and 100% Flax Fill

This is an option for anyone who has migraines, is smell-sensitive or doesn't want scent! This also allows you to use whatever smell stimulates those happy chemicals in your brain.
Contents: 100% Flax Only ​