Wraps For Stress & Pain

Made By Hand In Nashville, TN

What is a Relax Wrap?

It is a wrap filled with whole flax seeds,

used hot and cold,

to address stress and pain.

There are 5 Main Differences Between A Relax Wrap and the rest:

1. 100% Flax Seed Inside. You may have used a bag filled with rice, corn, cherry pits, buckwheat, or beans. So why flax, you ask? Great Question. We choose Flax because:

  • The oil inside each flax seed offers fast, long-lasting heating and cooling.  
  • Flax is a tiny grain, it doesn't feel chunky or bulky. It almost feels like sand, contouring well to the body.
  • Flax doesn't take on an odor like other grains.
  • It does both hot and cold, see #2. 

2. Hot and Cold Therapy.Yes, a Relax Wrap does

both hot and cold! What's more, it can go back and forth from

cold to hot, hot to cold. Click for suggestions on when it's best

to use a Relax Wrap Hot, and when to use it Cold

3.Weight Therapy.Relax Wraps have some weight to them, substance; they are not for those sensitive to mild pressure. Why do you want weight? Using weight encourages muscles to relax, without the need for someone else to apply pressure. The wrap gently releases tight muscles, encouraging them to go slack over the course of about 20 min.

4.Aromatherapy.As with weight therapy, aromatherapy can fire those happy chemicals in the brain that promote healing and well being. If you are smell sensitive, get migraines, or just don't want your wrap to have an herbal blend, you will still receive all the benefits mentioned above with an Unscented wrap.

5. Keeping Local Families Doing What We Love Therapy. Your Relax Wrap is Made to Order, By Hand, in our shop in Nashville, Tennessee. We appreciate you buying something made with love, you feed our kids!

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Why is a relax wrap different

          than a rice sock or a bag of peas?

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